Media Packages

"Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read." - Leo Burnett


Engage and inform your prospects with a dynamic website that highlights the features of your properties or deals. This is perfect for educating your investors on your real estate opportunities. The site is customized for you and is loaded with high impact media that will excite your investors. To maximize the experience, the site has a clean modern design and is also formatted to show beautifully on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.


  • Custom domain name

  • Website hosting for 1 Year

  • Promotional investment website containing:

    • Overview description

    • Promotional/Information photos of property

    • Promotional/Information video of property

    • Custom property location map

    • Streetview of property

    • QR code link to site


  • Enhanced security for sensitive documents

  • 3D animated view of property

  • Drone video of property

  • 360 Degree tour of property exterior

  • 360 Degree tour of property interior


  • Market properties to prospective buyers

  • Market properties to prospective investors

  • Provide an information hub for property stakeholders


Stand out from the crowd with unique and engaging videos of your property as viewed from a drone. Show off your land and property while sparking your buyers excitement. Leverage the video via social media.


  • Professionally edited aerial HD video of your property

  • Aerial photography of your property


  • Highlight the features of your property

  • Document the current state of the property

  • Plan for future development of your property

360 DEGREE Virtual TOURS

Let your clients virtually explore your property at their convenience and from anywhere. Showcase the interior and exterior of your property in a 360 degree immersive experience.


  • Professionally created 360 degree view of several exterior locations on your property

  • Professionally created 360 degree view of several interior locations on your property


  • Promote your property to potential investors

  • Promote your property to potential buyers or renters

  • Document the current condition of property


Create an engaging marketing campaign for your business using cinemagraphs. A cinemagraph is living photo which combines a static photo with creative animation to create a magical result. They are highly effective in social media and online advertising.


  • Professionally created HD cinemagraphs for use in your marketing materials and social media and incorporates your branding


  • Promote your business on websites and social media

  • Promote your business in videos